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The childcare solution that's easy for everyone.

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The uniform solution that's easy for everyone.

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About Us

We have nearly two decades of experience in our fields of uniform aftercare and childcarevouchers. We recognise that good customer care gains us your confidence and trust. We have still kept a personal touch, which we feel is a very important business value. It's the small things that add up, like answering your calls within the third ring or sooner - and by a real person who can help and understand your enquiry or question. That is really what VSL service is all about.

We give you straightforward and flexible solutions, and you make valuable savings of tax and NIC.

Our childcare vouchers are accepted at registered nurseries throughout the UK, and by care providers such as childminders, playgroups and after-school clubs.

Working in partnership with your employer, VSL demonstrates that your company is committed to helping you achieve a good work/life balance, and is caring and sensitive towards the needs of today's working parents.